Monday, December 03, 2007

Flashcard Hell

Damn. For a few months, I got sucked into the flashcard trap thanks to the great Anki application. I was so impressed, I went and made flashcards for all the Korean and Japanese vocab and grammar I studied. Inputting all that took a lot of time and effort and could lead to a debilitating case of carpal tunnel syndrome. Anyways, after things cooled down, I realized that I ignored my own advice about relying on flashcards. They are good for learning the building blocks of any language, ie the alphabet/characters, but beyond that, they serve little purpose since it doesn't provide context. It would be far easier to randomly stick my finger in a dictionary and see if I know the definition; at least I wouldn't have to input anything. Anyways, unless there is a big test I'd need to study for, I think I'll have to limit my flashcard use to individual Chinese characters.


dayosuperstar said...


I'm interested in learning all of the languages you have had experience with. Why? The short story is I got into Japanese manga (typical) and I decided I wanted to speak Japanese to really understand it. Then I decided I wanted to go to Japan but the recruiting agency said it would be easier to go to Korea - so I'm working on that. And I want to study in HK and I have a great friend there.

Soo . . . question please. What is it about Anki and flash cards that you've learned and how else do you build your language skills? I actually found your blog trying to find out how to enter Korean into Anki. Microsoft IME doesn't look anything like the text book.

Hope you are well.

Mak said...

Hey, I saw your blog and I liked what I saw because it was Cantonese based. I was wondering if you had any interest in trading links between our blogs? (My blog is a Cantonese culture blog) If you are, please contact me through my site and let me know. I look forward to hearing back from you! :)