Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Saturday Fun

Last Saturday was a bunch of firsts. I went to my first HK bbq. Lots of fun. V picked me up on his motorcycle and drove along the highway. The view was fantastic and reminded me of a HK version of Highway 1 along Cali's coast. When we got there, I realized that my image of a beach bbq was slightly different than everyone else's. It was an asphalt square with beach umbrellas and portable charcoal pits. You use a prong to skewer the meat and there you go. Good stuff. Another guy brought his pet parrot which was fun to play with...until it bit me.

Afterwards we headed to the gym with some of V's other friends for badminton and squash. I just moved in so all my stuff didn't arrive yet so all I had were slippers. I decided to play barefoot. Of course this was met with, 'Are you out of you mind?' They offered to find me a pair of sneakers, but the idea of putting on a stranger's shoes is not all that appealing to me. Anyways, I found that I really really enjoyed squash. Hopfully, I'll get to play often here. It was V's birthday so we went to a Thai restaurant in TST. It was in this pedestrian only sidestreet with a bunch of restaurants with outdoor seating that was obviously an expat hangout. It was very nice and reminded me of Beihai park in Beijing....only without the lake. The food? fantastic. I've been eating so much here that i'm starting to worry about my weight after only one week.

Next was karaoke. The facilities were great, but the selection was a bit weak for me since I couldn't sing, let alone speak, Cantonese. It also looks like my friends are not big drinkers because it was a dry karaoke. I don't know about the rest of HK, but my friends take karaoke very seriously and let me assure you; sober karaoke is NOT easy. Especially when we were in their for about 5 hours. The cool thing is that I learned a couple of drinking games. Ironic, isn't it? I got back at about 3:30am. It was a good day.

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