Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Anki (Review)

Anki is a cool little app. I found online. It is a flashcard program made specifically for Japanese. Automatic kana input, statistics regarding the kanji you have stored, detailed graphs on the progress. Good stuff. However, the program can also be used for other languages or topics. These last two months have pretty much been dedicated to input (2,500 Japanese words and 1,700 Korean words) and review. Took a lot of time, but worth the effort since it helps with retention. This program also uses spaced repition, which is the best way to commit things to long term memory. The extra advantage, though, is that you can decide how far you want to push the next review for a particular word. All it requires is being honest with yourself. This is definitely the best flashcard program I've found. You can download it at http://repose.cx/anki/index.html


Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Would you be able to share your korean Anki database with me? I'm a beginner and I think it'd be a great way for me to learn!
Email: phirewerkz (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

hi , im pretty interested of korean cards for anki , could you send me / tell me where could i get some? fujix9@hotmail.com thanks!

artofmulata said...

hi. great review. i will be in korea in july to teach a dance/music workshop (in english), but i would love to have some basic language skills.

did you ever share your anki cards? i would not mind having a copy if you are amenable to that.

thank you,
pol rosenthal

Max said...

I hate to impose, but if you wouldn't mind sharing your Anki Korean database with me, I would be so happy!


Micromegas said...

If you are in the process of sharing your anki korean cards, I would greatly appreciate you sending them on to me: gregoryrwarner(at)gmail.com

Anonymous said...

I'd also appreciate it if I could get the Korean cards. jhk1328[at]yahoo.com. Thank you!

adelevet said...

Are you sharing your database then? I'd love to have a look at it, too, to help me move forward...

adelevet (at) yahoo (com) com

Anonymous said...

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Maksym Taran said...

I see your Korean deck is attracting a lot of attention! I'm also in the new Korean-learner camp, and I'd really like to see your (very large) deck. I've used Anki extensively in learning Japanese and Chinese, and I hope to be able to use it just as much for Korean!

Many thanks!