Monday, January 29, 2007

Licking Cards

I took a biz trip to Japan last week. I needed to speak with one of the management employees about some schedule or another and stood off to the side while she was finishing up a phone call. While I was waiting, I let my eyes wander around her desk. Next to her computer, a slim book caught my eye. The title was "Name Card Holder". You might be wondering why on earth this would stick out at me. Somewhere in my brain, a switch was not turned to "English". What ended up happening was I was reading "Name" with Japanese pronounciation or "nah meh". なめる(or NAMEru) is the Japanese word for "to lick". So here I was wondering to myself what the hell was a licking card. I thought it could be an industrial sized stamp for large mailing parcels. Anyways, at this time, the girl finished her call and just when I was about to ask her what licking cards were, I luckily realized that it was a simple business card case. Public stupidity avoided.

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